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Nintendo DS Game Review: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, for Lovers of Kingdom Hearts Games

Nintendo DS Game Review: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, for Lovers of Kingdom Hearts Games

Square Enix, the company that is to be releasing the upcoming "Final Fantasy 15" and "Kingdom Hearts 3," has revealed a number of plans for E3 2014. According to Go Nintendo on May 31, the publisher posted a teaser video confirming that several events will occur on the gaming convention. E3 2014 is placed to come about later this month on June 10.


The biggest of which is "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix," which comes with three games, two that are playable: "Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix" and "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix." The third game, "Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded," will only be remastered with cut scenes. Square Enix is going to provide demo stations to ensure that attendees can try out the compilation on the show floor. The other playable titles include "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn" and "Lara Croft along with the Temple of Osiris."


When the discussion moved from PS4 to Xbox One, Yasue was less confident about porting the "HD Remix" games, but nevertheless open to the likelihood. "It's a large old question," he said. "There's several things we need to consider once we consider consoles. One of them is exactly what our players want, and then we will definitely take into consideration that. But there's also schedule constraints, even as we seriously don't want the roll-out of kingdom hearts unchained III going later, so we have that to take into account. We'll consider each one of these things and come to a decision."


The company also owns the "Deus Ex," "Hitman," "Sleeping Dogs" and "Tomb Raider" intellectual properties. New installments for those aforesaid franchises have already been confirmed although nothing have been proved to date. Fans will be able to hear more concerning the western-developed releases as of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.


The Lunar series has existed for a while, as well as some with the games have been remade. But no remake inside entire franchise has been critically praised as much as Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. This game retells the tale of the very first Lunar game and updates the visuals, sound, and gameplay for that PSP. This memorable RPG makes a great addition to the PSP owner's library.